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Success Since 1985

Fairfax, Virginia-based STR has a proven track-record of more than two decades of growth and success delivering information technology solutions to address the public sector's toughest operational challenges. Our mission is to provide you long term value - software capabilities to optimize your success today and adapt to change so that smart performance is sustained tomorrow. We bring a consultative, decision-analytic mindset and work collaboratively with our Federal, State and Local government clients. Together, we craft strategic solutions and achieve objectives that address market drivers, operational realities and constituent dynamics at play.

There is no better example of this commitment than STR's partnership with the State of Louisiana in the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. STR's core eGrantsPlus® platform is the system of record that supports the $8 billion HUD/CDBG-funded Road Home homeowner-rebuilding program. It tracks grants dispersed to over 150,000 residents affected by the storms. STR also developed a custom property management solution for the Louisiana Land Trust (LLT) to provide the processing backbone to manage maintenance and disposition activities for over 10,000 properties returned to the State as part of the rebuilding program. Our corporate commitment to help the public sector respond to natural and economic devastation affecting our nation extends with our Property Portfolio Management Practice and our ePropertyPlus solution services.

We Practice Teamwork

The team members of STR's Property Portfolio Practice possess a mix of talent, domain knowledge and proven experience to deliver value-based solutions with an unparalleled level of client service and product quality. We do that through teamwork. We share a common vision and a plan of action that provides clarity and focus. The plan may change, but our clients' goals and objectives that give our work meaning, do not.

Spirit, character and personal authenticity distinguish this team of smart professionals. A sense of purpose transcends all that we do. We care, care for each other, our clients and about doing our best. We are self-starters, good leaders and willing to follow. We share a bond. We want to make a difference, seek challenging opportunities to apply our skills, spread our wings, and do great things. We also appreciate simple things. We like to help. We need help sometimes, and we have to be comfortable asking for it. Once received, help is something we want to give back. We don't like cover up, tell it straight up, honestly, no pretense, no bravado; no need for it here.

We're passionate, hardworking, juggle a lot, and love to celebrate and have fun. Clients come first, with family in a photo-finish close tie. We are not afraid to ask the hard questions or challenge conventional wisdom. We're willing to try, we make mistakes, but it's ok, our colleagues understand, and we learn from that. The unknown is exciting and tests our confidence, we're there for each other, and there is no better way to build trust.

We thrive here. In our roles as consultants, solution providers and trusted advisors, we have heart, and we have spirit. Our desire is that this spirit permeates into the fabric of the communities where we live and serve. The pathway to delivering ePropertyPlus has been one exciting ride, and we hope you experience the same satisfaction from using ePropertyPlus as we do in providing it.

Our Leadership Team

The STR Leadership Team comprises insightful professionals with decades of expertise in providing effective solutions to public and private sector clients.

Scott K. Meyer - Founder and President

Mr. Meyer provides overall business leadership and program oversight to all major STR projects, including on-the-ground strategic support and relationship management for STR.Grants' work with the State of Louisiana Road Home program and the Louisiana Land Trust, a nonprofit formed to manage residential properties acquired by the State as part of its post-Hurricane Katrina recovery efforts. Prior to founding STR, he was with the BDM Corporation ("BDM") where he started as a staff member in 1975, subsequently becoming a Vice President.

Suresh Thalluri - Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Thalluri is responsible for the overall strategic and architectural direction of ePropertyPlus. He has over 12 years of experience in enterprise application end to end development, solution design, relationship management and operations management. By utilizing a variety of leading edge, vendor and open source technologies, he has led multiple teams in transforming complex processes into powerful and intuitive software.

Dr. Robert L. Kuhnle - Grants Practice GM

Having joined STR in 1999, Mr. Kuhnle is responsible for the overall strategic and architectural direction of eGrantsPlus®, STR's Commercial-Off-the-Shelf enterprise grants management solution. He also plays a key technical advisor and mentoring role in all key STR client engagements related to the grants business area. Prior to joining STR, Dr. Kuhnle was a professor at Thomas Nelson Community College where he taught software and database related courses.

Robert J. Fries - Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Fries joined STR in 2004 as General Manager for the eGrantsPlus® application software product. In 2005, he was promoted to Chief Financial Officer for STR, L.L.C. and each of the subsidiaries. Prior to joining STR, Mr. Fries was the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial and Administrative Officer for MARC Global Holdings, Inc. from 2000 to 2004, where he was responsible for the global management of all financial and administrative functions for this million software product and solutions firm.