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Apr 15, 2022
Company News
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April 15, 2022

ePropertyPlus Continues to Evolve with Enhancements

The best property management software levels up with several key upgrades

Q1 of 2022 has brought some great enhancements of ePropertyPlus our agile and sophisticated property management software at the heart of eProperty Innovations’ suite of solutions. Since launching in 2011, we’ve engaged in continuous development and roll out enhancements based on user feedback, staff recommendations, and changes in the marketplace. We were busy in Q1!

Here is a quick recap of the major updates to ePropertyPlus:

  • A new, simpler UI (theme) makes screens easier to read and simplifies the administrator experience
  • A new document repository improves the ability to leverage ePropertyPlus to create, distribute, and store documents
  • A major enhancement to Applications, so applicants can edit and resubmit applications when they make mistakes or need to update information

Want to get to know the ePropertyPlus property management software better? We have a video to introduce you to an innovative solution for your organization . Land Banks and other community property revitalization projects all over the country have enhanced their efforts using this tool.

The Details of Our Q1 Enhancements

Document Generation

With ePropertyPlus Document Generation, a subscriber can format a document template and upload it into ePropertyPlus to create documents with data from the system on an as-needed basis. Documents might include property listing descriptions, leases/closing documents, or invoices for services performed on a property. ePropertyPlus includes a user-friendly data dictionary to make formatting easy and the upload process a snap.

ePropertyPlus Document Generation saves time and ensures documents are formatted with correct and current data. In Q1, we released several important enhancements to Document Generation, allowing for a better user experience:

  • We updated it to support more document formats.
  • We introduced an “archive” option for attachments (documents or images) to hide them when not needed.
  • We added an option to allow a subscriber to create a document and email it directly to a recipient.
  • We modified the print function, so a subscriber can choose whether to print a single document containing all of the records in the job or have the system generate unique documents for each record.


We also updated ePropertyPlus Applications. Currently, an applicant can submit an online application through a subscriber’s ePropertyPlus Public Site. The application is received and can be reviewed and processed within ePropertyPlus by the subscriber. If the applicant made a mistake or needs to update or correct a submission, the system previously required them to submit a new application. That helped protect the integrity of the data, but proved to be unwieldy for the application manager and the applicant.

With our enhancement, however, an ePropertyPlus subscriber can return an application back to the applicant to update through an applicant portal on the Public Site. ePropertyPlus also notifies the applicant that an update is needed. The applicant can login to the public site, review the application, make changes, and resubmit it. Nice and easy!

ePropertyPlus will track the original submission and the revised submission to maintain data integrity and support audit trails. This change should make it easier to have applicants correct simple mistakes or update their information, saving time chasing down applicants or having them come to the office to fill out forms.

This makes the user-friendly experience of our Public Sites (check out the screenshot example below) even smoother, and brings potential home buyers flocking back to your site.

The ePropertyPlus Community Site

As a part of our Q1 growth, we’ve also made updates to our ePropertyPlus Community Site to provide subscribers with a better experience. Community Site is a 24/7 online help desk with hundreds of curated articles and dozens of training videos to support ePropertyPlus Users. We also host monthly subscriber Q-and-A sessions and trainings, then the recordings are posted on the Community Site so people can watch them later on their own time.

EPropertyPlus Property Management software screenshot
EPropertyPlus Property Management software screenshot

User Experience Upgrades

We’ve also updated the theme to improve readability, modified the UI to make it easier to administer the software, and produced short tutorial videos that show subscribers how to make adjustments to their configurations or perform various actions.

Explore the Upgrades

We think ePropertyPlus has always been the most useful and efficient tool for managing property, people and processes. But with the excellent feedback and collaboration between us and our subscribers, it’s constantly improving.

Want to get to know ePropertyPlus better? Explore the latest enhancements and video content on our channels.