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May 12, 2021
Company News
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May 12, 2021

Real Estate Buyers are Online- Sellers Need to Be There, too

Traffic Boomed for ePropertyPlus Public Site Users During the Pandemic

This past year, we’ve seen more buyer and seller interactions moving online. We wanted to see how our clients’ ePropertyPlus Public Sites are being utilized and reflecting this shift. An ePropertyPlus Public Site is an integrated website for marketing property and accepting offers online. Think of it as a turnkey marketing platform, only one that is available for ePropertyPlus users right out of the box.

We dug into the analytics and in this post, we share some of what we found regarding changes in public usage of our clients’ ePropertyPlus Public Sites.

A typical ePropertyPlus property page offers integrations with social media and Zillow API, photo and map views, online applications, and highly configurable layouts – all so it’s easy for your buyers to buy.

What We Found

Last month, ePropertyPlus Public Sites received 37,585 unique visitors. That’s a 76.6% increase over the same period last year. We also saw big jumps in new users (76%) and user sessions (+86%). These upward trends reflect changing behaviors, as people increasingly searched for property online because of COVID-19 restrictions. We also suspect that tight real estate markets in many places pushed buyers to broaden their property searches. That likely led more buyers to look at our clients’ inventories, which tend to include buildable lots and distressed residential properties needing rehab or repair, as compared to periods when inventories were generally larger.

The number of unique pages viewed was up 187% and the number of unique views per session was also up by over 56%, as compared to the same time a year ago. On average, a Public Site visitor looked at 12.9 unique pages per session, as compared to last year when they looked at an average of 8.3 per session. That’s a 55% jump. We modified our ePropertyPlus capabilities recently, so a Public Site will display “similar properties.” It uses the visitor’s search query to display other properties in the same locale and of the same type. The goal is to entice more views and more engagement per visit and it appears to be working.

eProperty Public Site visits correlate to areas with ePropertyPlus clients. That’s not surprising. What  is surprising is how many Public Site visitors are coming from all across the country and even across the world. Places like Chicago, Columbus, Syracuse, and Omaha (client locales) all experienced big increases in visitors in the last year. Even bigger increases came from places like Nashville and Denver, where there are no current ePropertyPlus clients. This suggests that buyers in those locations may be researching opportunities in our clients’ markets and finding them via their Public Sites.

The Key Takeaway

This finding leads us to a logical, and not surprising conclusion. If you want to attract more buyers, you need to take advantage of the global reach of the internet. ePropertyPlus Public Sites make it easy for our subscribers to do that. If you’d like to learn more about Public Sites or any of the ePropertyPlus capabilities and features, you can watch a video demo or contact us directly.