Property Profiling


end-to-end processing

Track Property End-to-End

ePropertyPlus lets you track the end-to-end lifecycle of property - evaluation, acquisition, management, marketing, and disposition - for property you own or property you track. Excellent for managing land bank, tax forfeited, and surplus property data and properties.

Track Life Cycle

Use property status and inventory type codes to keep track of your properties and manage their inventory life cycles.

Organize Data & Information

Organize your parcel data, photos, documents and actions taken with fields and workflows that match your business processes. Manage the big picture and all the details - in the same system.

Track Ownership

Easily track and manage change of ownership when you acquire or dispose of properties.

Maintain Control Over Data

ePropertyPlus standardizes data entry and reduces opportunities for users to make mistakes or leave out important data. An audit trail for each property lets you know who made every change and when. Track ownership, actions taken, applicants - and more - all in a single, easy to use system.

View History

View an audit trail of all the changes made to your property records and see who made those changes.

consolidated property data

Track Property Details

Store and update data about each property using manual or batch edit processes. Use hundreds of existing fields or create custom fields to manage the data and information unique to your organization.

Integrate External Data

Built-in integration tools allow you to view data from external sources at the property level on the Staff Site and Public Site. As records are updated in other systems, your Users can see them in ePropertyPlus.

Simple Import

ePropertyPlus comes with import templates configured to your unique set-up. Use import templates to quickly load or update hundreds or thousands of records for tracking in ePropertyPlus.

Store Images, Documents, Notes & Attachments

Create a comprehensive data repository by attaching photos, documents, notes and other attachments at the property record.

Publish Information to Your Public Site

Select which properties are shared with the public and what data, including relevant documents and links to external systems, to include for public viewing on your Public Site, to improve customer service and give prospective buyers all the information they need to do business with your organization.


Powerful Mapping


Display Properties & Map Data in Full Color Display

Geocode and view properties in familiar map views on the Staff Site and Public Site. Leverage filters, simple queries, featured properties, property visualizations and external map layers to communicate a rich visual image of your property data.

Import External Map Layers & GIS Data

With ePropertyPlus, it is easy to import and configure shape files in multiple formats, without needing formal GIS training. Configure map visualizations and leverage map tools to empower Users and Public Site visitors.


Leverage Mapping Tools

Use mapping tools - custom boundaries, radial dimension, map visualizations - or simple search, filter and query options, to select properties for display. Add map layers and data visualizations to enhance the experience.

Public Site


Configure Page Layouts

Style and format how you want your data to be displayed, including adding links, images, and custom pages. Display only the properties that you want to share.

Automatic Data Updates

As you update your property records in ePropertyPlus, those updates are automatically reflected on your Public Site, eliminating data entry redundancy and burdensome synchronization routines.

Mobile Friendly

Optimized for display on any mobile device making it easy to search and apply for properties anytime and anywhere.

Google Analytics

Integrate with Google Analytics to gain insight about your audience and their interest.

Integrate with Social Media

Built-in integrations for Facebook and Twitter let you extend your marketing using social media to drive traffic and create audience interest.

Online Applications

Configure online applications - as many as you like - to drive actions on property and save staff time processing incomplete paper applications.

Application Processing


Configure Online Applications

Design and publish your property applications on your Public Site. Make certain fields mandatory, let applicants upload supporting documentation, and eliminate the need for staff to transfer data from paper applications or decipher handwritten forms. ePropertyPlus applications can also be configured with workflows to trigger actions when an application is submitted. In short, we make it easier for applicants to do business with your organization.

Improve Applicant Self Service

Applicants can check the status of their applications online, cutting down on calls to your office and improving your transparency to the public.

Accept & Process Applications

When applicants submit applications via the Public Site, the data and documentation are available for Staff to process. Staff can also enter paper application information and attach supporting documents. Optional workflow automates the review process and keeps everyone up to date on each application.

Service Management


Leverage Work Flow

Track your work end-to-end using our workflow engine.

Attach Documentation

Track all documents related to work performed in one place.

Vendor Self-Service

Eliminate sharing of work progress via Email by giving free access to your external vendors so that they can update the progress of work assigned to them directly in ePropertyPlus.

Assign & Track Services

Get alerted when work is assigned to you and as your vendors make updates and submit notices of work completion.

Cost/Income Tracking


Records Income/Expense

Use the Service Financials component to record property-level costs and income entries, such as costs from invoices for work performed by vendors or fees you collect.

Configure Budget Accumulators

A Budget Accumulator is a tool that lets users track costs and income at the property, service, or program level. For staff who don't have access to an organization's financial management system, a Budget Accumulator is an easy way to track costs and income against projected or budgeted amounts. Users can create as many Budget Accumulators as needed.

View Rollups

Budget Accumulators roll up costs and income at the Property, Service, Program, and Individual Budget Accumulator level. Use rollups or create reports to track and report costs and income.


Reporting and analytics


Ad-hoc Report Designer

Build reports and queries by simply dragging and dropping elements onto a canvas and then save and publish them for others to run on the fly.

Multiple Reporting Options

Create lists, charts, and pivot tables and then view them online or export to any number of formats, including PDF, Word, and Excel.


Explore and analyze data interactively without having to save and publish reports.

ePropertyPlus for Mobile


Search Inventory

ePropertyPlus Mobile runs on iPhones, Android Phones, and Android Tablets, making it easy to access your property inventory on the go.

Search Inventory

View your entire inventory or search by address or parcel number to quickly locate a particular property.

Take Pictures

View and update your property data, take pictures, add attachments and record notes wherever you are.

Take Pictures

Take and upload pictures of your properties.

Enter Notes

All updates are reflected in your ePropertyPlus staff site immediately.

Enter Notes

Enter notes about a property.